She’s a wind spirit with quite the curves. Dr Shrunk himself isn’t super strange, though since he’s the character that teaches you emotions, his emotions can be all over the place. about toy guns for children back then. I'll let you know when I add characters from a certain game. Late in the Super NES�s lifecycle (1996 2. Fanpop quiz: NINTENDO CHARACTERS - These mice-like creatures wear bandannas that obscure their faces - See if you can answer this Nintendo … What’s a bit strange about her is just her very design is incredibly... suggestive. From his design to his method of attacks, you’re looking at a strange guy. Why is this person literally in the toilet? Everything about the Eggplant Wizard is just weird. When you first meet him, all he’ll say is “I am Error,” which is a bit weird, and has become pretty infamous among Zelda fans. By obscure characters I mean like characters from the RPGs games (not Mario RPG since they most likely can't do those, the Mario and Luigi series), or those who just don't appear that often. A lady monkey elf with a tail TaraDikoff. cooling Super NES market elsewhere, and the fact that the So, seeing a pink male dinosaur may not be too strange now, but back then it was definitely weird. This means that some part of the content belongs to Nintendo, as the case of music from GB Tetris, or even characters … seen again until she married Cosmo and moved into Timmy Not every concept Nintendo has tried has succeeded, And one particularly strange character is Booster the Seventh. ObsCure is a franchise created by Hydravision, now Mighty Rocket Studios. But these strange, underused beings from the world of Nintendo will have your respect. There are plenty of characters the company has brought terms of obscurity are SO obscure, you�ve probably never By Kevin Gifford, 07/09/2008 Would you like to know all about Captain Rainbow, the latest Wii game announced by Nintendo in Japan this week? exploration and puzzle-solving sound? Just, what? First, there’s his look; he looks like a cross between the Incredible Hulk and some Yu Gi Oh character. The Pokémon tries to steal away children but usually fails because it’s so lightweight, and it just gets pulled along by the children like a balloon. He just shows up as Wario’s friend in Mario Tennis and decides to join in. What obscure Nintendo characters would you make playable? What’s weird about this guy is that even though he’s incredibly powerful, he just likes to do stuff like racing. And the other weird thing is his design. And this is why you had to control a �StarTropics,� which was kind of like Zelda Some aren’t even bonus characters anymore. referencing. But he does prove to be helpful as he eventually tells Link how to get to the Island Palace. With its wide variety of games, Nintendo usually has something for everyone, and many of the games are also ones the whole family can enjoy. Nintendo has been around for a long time and it’s one of the most iconic gaming companies in the world. And that’s what Tingle is. But the way he got here and the fact that he’s a rhinoceros beetle-type insect from the future is pretty strange. Make sure to let us know in the comments section below! �bugs� as in round cars. In �Mario and Wario,� a Super NES game The Nintendo DS was the first Nintendo system I bought with my own money. 5. What would be the first thing you did after conquering a planet? only factor required to make a game �hot� back then. one-fifth as fun as the original game, and the arcade has The Zelda series is no stranger to Top 10 lists. Spurring the main character on with the promise of cake, GLaDOS initially takes the form of a benevolent overseer - albeit one that makes slightly anomalous and threatening remarks. Miyu was a lynx and Fay was a dog. opposite direction). Just The original arcade Donkey Kong had two sequels: - Page 3. island against an alien invasion led by the evil Zoda 1. Some good bets for future Playing as Stanley, you given the right tools. So, he is a bit odd since his emotions can fluctuate a bit. Where did he come from? This guy is just bizarre.) to rank the big N's top ten most forgotten potential mascots! Nintendo Power, revealing the motive behind making such a thing. It’s kind of random. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. But still, this guy is pretty weird. The Earthbound series is pretty famous for being strange and wacky, full of crazy situations and even crazier characters. Max was a portly kid with no But one that caught my eye in particular is Drifloon. Donkey Kong Country 3 has its fair share of interesting characters. This time, they meant And his motivation for doing most of his evil deeds are just that he’s bored. (Though the way he acts is also pretty weird. of a light-gun. Ghost, and Ashley the Trace Memory girl (do you know anybody that I wouldn’t be all that surprised if the two were related or possibly even knew each other. What’s weird is this character is based off of a more obscure animal. ....Well, comedy by Seriously, she doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and she’s quite the flirt. And with that comes a lot of interesting and weird characters. when everyone thought Mike was gone forever, he A YouTuber tries to solve the mystery of an unsearchable character. But one that’s the strangest is Blanka, the fighter from Brazil. And we never get any kind of explanation for it, though this isn’t the first time the hand has appeared. �Buggie-Boogie� for the N64. But many other fans tend to think this guy is pretty weird and a tad bit creepy. But one character that stands out for weirdness is the hand in the toilet. You can’t get much weirder than a 35-year-old man who dresses up in green tights because he wants to be a fairy. In a honorary hat tip to Skip Ltd for bringing back forgotten Nintendo characters, today's Top 5 list is my own tribute to some of the lesser known Nintendo mascots/characters from the old days. Give our Dark Mode a try (it’s easy to toggle back to Light Mode). And that pretty much explains everything about this crazy pig. robots, and the whole thing was a comedy. Nintendo Shows Off New Wii Game Captain Rainbow 2.5d fighting, classic adventure, and a cast of obscure Nintendo characters? I personally love the "underground", in a sense, side of Nintendo or a lot of companies. The big N harbored a lot of motherlike nervousness This guy is a pretty chaotic villain, and his motivations are just weird. SuperScope light-gun accessory came out the same fall as At least Xananab is a pretty nice guy, and he does help out the DK crew. Most of the animals in Animal Crossing are based off of easily recognizable animals. I decided to change up the age-old question of "who would you add in Smash" with obscure characters only! One that stands out in his strangeness is aptly named Error. Their first established series were the Mario and the Donkey Kong series, established in 1981.. But one character that really stands out is Xananab from DK Jungle Climber. Lakitu has appeared in a variety of Mario games; from Super Mario Bros on the NES right up to Mario Kart 7. One is that he just kind of came out of nowhere. It's a recent game on Switch and it sold over 2 million copies. out that never caught on and were swept under the rug. Or ever, really. It's also one of the few series that you can make your Switch icon. reappeared in a surprise sequel, �Zoda�s But did you know that Tingle is considered absolutely hilarious over in Japan? �It�s faster than any hedgehog!� said battle against the, which it would surely not YEETMAN123. But I’m pretty sure there isn’t a person in Greek mythology that curses other people by changing them into eggplants. There are a couple of things that are weird about Waluigi. Since it is a big company, it does have the ability to experiment with its games, often creating interesting situation and strange characters. It’s strange, but effective. Street Fighter is home to quite a few unique characters. Oh yes. Donkey Kong Country got massive attention for its Saved by Right said. his main weapon was a yo-yo, something Ness would have These two come from a game that was never even released: Since a lot of Nintendo’s games tend to be the type the whole family enjoy, they usually try to be family friendly, with some exceptions. But one group that stands out are the Mr. Saturn people. Why does Birdo spit eggs out of his mouth? I think this is the first we’ve dealt with aliens in the Donkey Kong series, and of course the aliens would be bananas. 1 Mario series 1.1 Petey Piranha 1.2 Toadette 1.3 Toadsworth 2 The Legend of Zelda series 3 Metroid series 4 Donkey Kong series 5 Kirby series 6 F-Zero series 7 Fire Emblem series 8 Star Fox series 9 Pokémon series 10 Mother series 11 Pikmin series 12 Animal Crossing series 13 Advance Wars series 14 Golden Sun series 15 Kid … We never find out who this person actually is. But there’s no secret that a few of them are a little weird. 1�s dungeons mixed with Zelda II�s overworld Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It’s full of strange people, weird scenarios, and creepy themes. Not THAT obscure, but I liked Bart vs the Juggernauts back in the day. I mean, I really don’t know where to go with that. He grew up in the jungle and got his green skin from being struck by lightning (yeah, I don’t know.) Obscure is a survival horror video game developed by Hydravision Entertainment and published by DreamCatcher Interactive in North America, Ubisoft in China and MC2-Microïds in other territories for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.It was released on October 1, 2004 in Europe and on April 6, 2005 in North America. have won without Digger. sounds and music.� The only screenshots released showed a What are the Banana Fairy Queen’s origins? switches with his baseball. He defended the Jack. And I joined them in Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. While he’s rather nice and does help Luigi out, Professor Gadd is a bit off. That being said, Nintendo isn’t afraid to get a little weird sometimes. released in Game Boy�s Pocket years. At least he seems relatively harmless. character was you. There’s the fact that he’s dedicated his life to studying and vacuuming up ghosts. Super NES game in Celadon City, this is the game it was But another weird aspect of Birdo is his gaping mouth that he shoots eggs out of. �Famicom Detective Club� series, the main will create more characters that sell games on their brand (Or maybe there are, there are some pretty crazy stories out there, and the Greek gods were known for doing strange stuff.). As far as villains go, Bleak is pretty generic, and we don’t really learn much about his personality, but it’s his design that’s pretty freaky and weird. Digger�s Dino wore a fedora and could activate far-away But when Toadstool crashes into his tower, he decides that he wants to marry her, much to her dismay. If I had to go up against Birdo, I’d be pretty freaked out that he was spitting eggs at me. I guess everyone’s got to have a hobby, but that’s a little weird, Kilton. In the text-based, Japan-only, super-ultra-obscure recognition alone�.and they will also abandon many more Top 10 items. You weren�t given defining Uniracers. ... Retro Game Challenge is about as obscure … follows: each character had to be as forgotten as possible, and And then there’s his origins. qualify because he had a big spot in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It never saw completion either, and became vapor. Polls 3. (And did I mention that he turns people into eggplants? And they can have some questionable characters. Nintendo Power blurb �combines puzzle action with creating though. Nintendo characters don�t get more obscure than The Surprisingly Obscure Nintendo Character That Can't Be Found On Google.