Total Length: 9.76” It checks all the boxes for an excellent EDC knife by utilizing high quality long lasting S30V steel, a drop-point that is technically a bit modified as it has a slight recurve within its belly, and your choice of either a sealed woodgrain finish or the ever so popular G10 handles. I have both but usually find myself carrying the Griptilian 551. Sure, you’re still getting a very high-end blade consisting of premium CPM-S30V so it certainly is no joke of a knife, but the handles are purpose-built to be grippy and functional while maintaining a light overall package. This thing almost looks like a throwing knife and to be honest, when you first hold it, that’s probably what your first impression would be. The Arvensis is an excellent all-around general use camp knife with a rather ominous feel to it and I think you’ll agree! Blade Composition: CPM-S30V Total Weight: 5 ounces. When Benchmade launched this knife it was everywhere — the distinctive bright blue handle and silver blade. Shop Today! The introduction of these two knives has brought new excitement to the Bugout line. The Bugout is great for EDC tasks like breaking down cardboard, opening mail, and utility cutting. Related posts Boker Knives: A Brief History. This is the most perfect everyday blade you can buy. Benchmade calls this a hunting knife and yeah, I could understand that, but really, I think this is more of just a flat out awesome design that’s refreshing and unique to the usable and functional fixed blade industry. The Griptilian is host to many of our favorite Benchmade attributes such as the AXIS lock, allowing tons of pressure to be applied on the spine of the knife without fear of locking mechanism failure. Many of the Benchmade knives they sell the most are extremely high quality and made with rare or challenging materials and as such, are more than worth the hassle to send in and have serviced to increase their life span and usefulness. The Bugout is extremely lightweight and slim, which makes it the easiest to carry of the bunch, in my opinion. Total Weight: 11.74 ounces. Total Length: 8.42” The Axis Lock comes integrated with three different action flavors: Axis Assist, Axis Automatic, and Axis Dual-Action Automatic. These work by pinning two angled torsion bars against the tang of the knife that creates more tension on the blade as it’s closed. The Bugout has got you covered! There was a small time period where some of the Benchmade knives were outsourced in other countries but those days are now gone. I’d argue that this is an excellent knife for someone looking in the premium folding Tanto section. No, not you, you’ve chosen the Altitude because you have attitude. Going into my testing of the Bugout, I was honestly lacking excitement. Folders still aren’t technically as strong as a full-tang fixed blade but they are plenty strong enough to get the job done without worry. Handle Composition: Resin Filled Wood Grain My father has been a knife collector and enthusiast for a long time. The Benchmade Bugout series has taken the knife world by storm with it's ultra-lightweight build, premium materials, and accessible price. If you’re willing to pony up a little extra cash, and I do recommend this if you can, you can find the stylish carbon fiber version of the Benchmade Nakamura here. Speaking of sliding into your pocket, you’ll be getting a reversible pocket clip that will allow you to carry it on either side. My Review: Benchmade made things quite easy by aptly naming this bad boy a simple and sweet “EDC”. It’s really as versatile as a 3.75” fixed blade can be without gimmicks or excess functionalities that you’ll likely never use anyways. I think it’s a winner. The Infidel is absolutely not an EDC knife nor is it for the untrained user. Grivory is basically a super hard plastic that Benchmade used for this knife due to its lightness without sacrificing rigidity. Handle Composition: G10 You’re paying some of that price tag as a royalty for them being well known and well respected within the knife community. My Review: The Benchmade Griptilian is one of the most well-known multi-purpose folders in their lineup and this is due to its versatility-first approach. If you don’t already have a nice EDC, check out the loads of fantastic EDC knives we’ve reviewed above from Benchmade. You can also check out the SOCP Rescue tool at this link here. The Benchmade Bugout is light, simple, and perfect for backpacking. They will then sharpen the blade back to its original factory specs and then perform a deep clean and shine on each and every part. Due to its lightweight and versatility, this is the top folding knife of our backpacking knives guide here. And lastly, Benchmade has a reputation and that’s it. Blade Style: Drop-Point That rescue hook is mean man, I’m telling you, that thing slices seatbelts so easily it makes you second guess how good seatbelts really are. Like I mentioned above, with the rise in popularity of the Bugout, companies like Flytanium have caught on. Handle Composition: G10 Total Length: 8.35” The Bugout already isn't a big knife to begin with. The 440HC steel is not like the typical premium hard to sharpen steels that Benchmade usually uses and can be sharpened relatively easily in a short amount of time. When you’re in a sticky situation you hadn’t thought you’d end up in, the Bailout with it’s slim and light design sitting comfortably in your pocket is awaiting a quick flip of the wrist to reveal the ever-so-deadly 3.38” Tanto. Knife manufacturers are always trying to change the game and expand upon existing designs and Benchmade does this often, however, in terms of the Puukko, we get a form factor that really couldn’t be any simpler paired up with some of the finest materials you can craft a knife out of. Handle Composition: G10 Each section is scored out of 10 with a grand total of 100. It’s so smooth that I can’t help but to open it each and every time I pull it out! When it comes to OTF's or Out The Front Knives, the Benchamde Infidel is like … OTF knives are pretty cool and Benchmade does a fantastic job designing them, however, I think the Infidel shines best as a true fixed blade as the very nature of the blade is based on combat and tactical usage. The handle is simply just an extension of the D2 steel from the blade and although I personally like that, many Adamas owners actually wrap this bad boy up in some nice paracord. I love the drop point blade on the Bugout all the way from aesthetics to functionality. Most people likely end up with a drop-point shaped blade when searching for an EDC and that makes sense, considering the drop-point is one of the most versatile blade shapes, however, the reverse-tanto can be just as versatile and when done correctly, as it is on the EDC 940. Total Weight: 4.3 Ounces. Personally, the Mini Bugout gets the nod over the Mini Griptilian. Benchmade Bugout, Believe The Hype. Estimated Price: Around $400 Depending on Availability, Blade Style: Drop-Point Handle Composition: Glass-Filled Nylon It’s kind of a difficult question to answer. What I really love about the Puukko 200 is its simplicity. The handle is extremely slim and there are no rough edges in need of refining. What about Benchmade knives that don’t have the AXIS features? By the way, these are so slim that when paired with the included deep pocket carry clip they virtually disappear in your pant pockets making them very covert and yet ultra fast to deploy. Both knives feature the same drop point blade and AXIS lock mechanism, and both offer more unique options for everyday carry. You might be asking yourself, there are so many factors to consider, how could you ever choose just one? We will only sharpen the blade (excluding aftermarket blades) and return the knife to the owner. No matter which sheath or set of handles you choose, the Saddle Mountain series is sure to be as rough and tough as you are with absolutely no exceptions. It’s a fairly boring, neutral blade shape, officially titled a drop point, with a nice swedge along the spine near the tip. Handle Composition: Skeletonized 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum If you’re looking for a sleek, sharp, everyday knife, for carrying or for other general purposes, the Benchmade 535BK-2 Bugout will work for you. The Benchmade Bugout series has taken the knife world by storm with it's ultra-lightweight build, premium materials, and accessible price. Handle Composition: G10 or Carbon Fiber The Anthem is super thin despite feeling hefty and strong and this makes for an excellent middle-ground between comfort when carrying and girth when holding the knife, something you usually have to give in on one side or the other. Lifesharp support will receive your knife and immediately disassemble it for inspection. Understanding the shape and the steel of your future blade will be the largest deciding factor of how the blade behaves when used in your specific environment and situations! Benchmade 202 Leuku Voted Best New Outdoors Fixed Blade 2020 December 2, 2020 Presented by: Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners The Benchmade 202 Leuku is the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice for Best New Outdoors Fixed Blade 2020! These are not an EDC style utility knife but more so something to use as a last resort in a sticky situation. Handle Composition:  Diamond Textured Rubber Santoprene Blade Length: 3.98” My Review: First and foremost, the Saddle Mountain is more of a lineup of knives that just a single knife itself. I bet all your friends already own one. Total Weight: 5.6 ounces. Additionally, I find the pocket clip to dig into my hand a little bit. Polymer handle scales. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear. Bugout 535BK-2 The Best Fat Tire Bikes of 2020 … The Bugout is a really great knife, but pocket jewelry it ain’t. Benchmade came out out swinging with a slew of releases, and Troy is here to help guide David through the updates and brand new knives. Being one of the largest and most successful knife manufacturers in the world, Benchmade has a wide selection of knives across multiple categories. Sitting stock, the Benchmade Bugout is an absolute home run. That spring is always under tension so be extra careful with the button! I’ve been singing praises of the Bugout this whole review, but here’s where the real criticism begins. SMKW has New for 2020 Benchmade Knives for sale. This program is designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. Benchmade Mini Bugout. Total Length: 9.45” The negatives aren’t deal breakers, but I find the polymer handle to be a little slick. |Blade Composition: CPM-S30V Total Length: 7.34” Its a $20 difference. Blade Length: 4.52” Instead, you get ALL the goodies! Blade Composition: CPM-3V The Tanto is specifically designed to be extremely lethal as its point is among the strongest of all blade shapes, giving it superior penetration and stabbing capabilities while also hosting a sharp and straight belly for slashing. Benchmade has taken this idea and, in my opinion, refined it to be as handy and as durable as possible given the current steel and knife technology. Of course, if you’re not a hunter or fisherman, the gut hook likely wouldn’t be of much use to you and in terms of actually using a gut hook, I’d personally prefer a fixed blade, but this knife is more than usable in each and every way that the Saddle Mountain is. Blade Composition:  154CM I believe this is due to state by state restrictions on double-edged blades and of course, they can’t hold inventory that fits each and every state’s laws independently. If you don’t have a good sharpener, I recommend you buy one alongside your purchase as you will undoubtedly need one. If you’re an avid outdoorsman looking for a knife you can carry to work with you and then head off into the fields after you clock out, this your knife. The Benchmade Bugout is an undeniable folding knife that is built to last. Handle Composition: Ultra Ergo Slotted and Textured G10 The 3.24” drop point blade perfectly complements the dimensions of the handle for a near one to one blade/handle ratio. Blade Length: 4.17” No OTF is going to be as strong, durable, or as rigid as a solid Benchmade fixed blade. Benchmade 3300BK-2001 Infidel Dagger OTF Automatic Knife. The Benchmade Bugout is pure 100% utilitarian practicality, and there wasn’t any room to pack on the flash. A lot of glass breakers you find as a kind of “throw in” function on many knives usually feels pretty lame but not this one, I’m absolutely terrified to let it even look at a piece of glass and on top of that, its ultra-tiny and doesn’t get in the way. Basically, following this means you’re looking out for extremely high quality and durability and you save up or sell something or do whatever you gotta do to get it and then you’re good to go for a very long time without the need to buy another knife anytime soon. With a stock thickness of just 0.09”, and a length of 3.24”, the blade on the Bugout is well suited for cutting tasks galore. The action that runs on bearings is not going to be ideal if you’ll be exposing your knife to loads of dust and other debris, but if you aren’t and you’re capable of keeping it relatively clean, the action is insanely smooth. If breaking folding knives is a concern of yours, look to Benchmade! Check them out our Fire Starters page here. It encompasses everything we like to see in an EDC including a versatile drop-point, the super-strong AXIS locking mechanism, a good pocket weight to size ratio, a strong and tight clip, and an overall high-quality build design that should suit you through a variety of different tasks. Total Weight: 3.41 ounces. The Bugout excels as an EDC folder, but it also makes for a perfect car or emergency bag carry. Total Length: 11.72” Handle Composition: Resin Filled Wood Grain January 7, 2020 Benchmade has begun to roll out the first of its 2020 releases, starting with two interesting variations on the Bugout and Bailout. I know carrying a knife this expensive is a bit risky and a little scary but if you gather up the courage to pocket this bad boy, you’ll be itching to deploy it just for the beautiful mechanical sound it makes and how good it feels to use. These knives were developed to be used by first responders and contain the tools you would expect to use to pull someone out of a wrecked vehicle. I have linked out to the version with only one edge, which is also the serrated version. Make no mistake, these Valox handles are seriously high quality and are only going to be found in premium knives with premium price tags. Benchmade Saddle Mountain 15003-2 or 15003-1, Here Are the Best Tactical Benchmade Knives, Unique Benchmade Knife Designs and Notable Mentions, 30. Blade Style:  Trailing-Point / Clip-Point / Scimitar It is heavier but I dont care about weight. A future revamp with upgraded blade steel and titanium scales from Flytanium would put this knife in rare air. Of course, what you’re getting isn’t even a full plastic design. This knife is not made for everyone and is really focused on someone that really appreciates the design and form factor. December 13, 2019 December 13, 2019 admin. That said, it's more than capable of handling any everyday task you throw at it. If you think that 7.25” total length would be tough to conceal or a bit overkill, you can check out the Benchmade Mini SOCP here. Flytanium has found a fix for this. Total Length: 8.33” The second thing you might notice is the saw teeth on the back of the blade. If you’d like to show your support to Les De Asis and the Benchmade family, visit this link and find out how you can become a part of the Benchmade community by contributing to his Makerspace memorial contribution fund that is geared towards educating our youth for further exploration, innovation, and entrepreneurship. That interesting texture you see near the spine of the blade is simply laser-etched tacticoolness to help you open it up if you do happen to feel like neglecting the giant hole since it was originally designed to be a two-handed manual opener. Blade Length: 3.08” Over prolonged use in wet conditions, I think it could create a nasty hot spot. Benchmade is largely more expensive than a lot of other comparable knife options because of their incredible quality and unbeatable technologies they’ve implemented into their knives. How does it stack up to the classics like the 940 and Griptilian? Consisting of CPM-S30V steel probably makes this one of the toughest and strongest little mini-tools you could possibly carry. Huge selection. Well you're in luck, because here they come. There is a choice you might care about, though, and that’s whether you want a beautifully made custom Benchmade leather sheath or a lightweight and durable Kydex sheath to carry around this beast with. The blades are crafted from the same ultra high-quality CPM-S30V and have the same versatile drop-point design but the Ridge encompasses a synthetic handle called a Dual-Durometer handle while the Creek has an old school nylon filled wooden handle. There is no AXIS lock or AXIS assisted opening but instead, the blade is held in place via friction from the frame. In 1988, Benchmade rolled out a revolutionary locking mechanism dubbed the Benchmade Axis Lock. Blade Style: Drop-Point A final note here, most Benchmade clips are not compatible with the Anthem and the Anthem’s clip is not compatible with any other Benchmade knife I’ve reviewed. A note to my readers: These knives are designed to kill people. Furthermore, you can find this knife with a wood or G10 handle which actually changes the appearance and feel of the overall knife significantly, so choose wisely. Blade Composition: CPM-3V The fidget factor and aftermarket options bumped up the score a little bit, but this knife isn’t trying to be a looker. Before we jump into discussing the beautiful pieces of sharp and pointy steel offered by one of our favorite companies, you need to know the pros and cons of each blade shape as well as the steel they are made of. I mean seriously solid, as in I would be utterly shocked if you managed to seriously damage this thing. It’s a full circle EDC get r’ done kind of knife and I’d feel more than comfortable recommending this to pretty much everyone and anyone. Have some money burning a hole in your pockets and you need something that your buddies are sure to gawk at? With that said, buy the heck out of this thing. For the 2020 holiday season, returnable items shipped between October 1 and December 31 can be returned until January 31, 2021. Of course, this thing has virtually 0 self-defense properties and it wouldn’t ever be a knife I’d rely on for camping or survival but it is easy to carry on a keychain so that you always have a tiny suite of tools on hand at all times. The Griptilian doesn’t exactly exude fashion or style but what it does do is get the job done. Blade Style: Drop-Point In order to compare them all side-by-side, we’ve created this guide encompassing each and every one of our favorites. Handle Composition: Valox This doesn't change the fact, however, that we welcome the Mini Bugout! Blade Length: 3.75” Blade Composition: CPM-S30V The Fact is everything I love about slender pocket knives while still being one lean mean little blade. This knife is also available with a little pizazz, offering a carbon fiber handle and beautiful accents. Blade Composition: CPM-S30V My Review: The Benchmade Fact reminds me of a classy limousine in the knife world. My Review: The Anthem 781, to many, is just a pretty piece of expensive metal and that’s unfortunate because I think this knife is far better than most people realize. Axis Lock knives are basically cheating in this category. Throw it in your truck, keep it in your bugout bag, use it with your survival kit, whatever, this knife is so light and compact that you’ll forget its there until you need it! The Fact would be an excellent and easy to carry self-defense knife that has incredible utility value, close to that of a solid EDC knife. Blade Style: Drop-Point Blade Composition: CPM-S30V Something I think you’ll notice right out of the box is how strong and sturdy the knife feels while appearing elegant and sleek. Blade Style: Drop-Point Before doing this review, I looked at 50+ individual knives. And with the introduction of the blacked-out 535BK-2 version, it gets lighter and tougher. Blade Length: 3.24” Blade Style: Ringed Dagger Benchmade Aller 380 – Tiny But Mighty, Here Are the Best Folding Self Defense Benchmade Knives. Choosing the best model for you comes down to first size, regular or mini, and then a variety of color options from ranger green, to black, to blue and more! It's no secret Benchmade crafts some of the finest EDC knives available today. You can brush up on your blade shape terminology by visiting the Marine Approved knife blade shapes guide here and you can learn all about the steel used to craft your favorite blades in the Marine Approved knife blade steels guide here. Throughout the list, I’ll provide my thoughts on our favorite Benchmade knives across several different categories and throughout both fixed and folding knives in those categories if applicable. Blade Composition: CPM-S30V Most people carry a smartphone around all day and thats bulkier and heavier than a knife. Blade Style: Modified Reverse-Tanto Total Length: 7.84” Check out our video below with Ben, Zac, and the infamous Hans as they analyze the best Benchmade EDC knives money can buy! Upon opening up the Benchmade Butterfly stamped sheath you’ll notice the inside is actually nylon. Blade Composition: CPM-S30V Well, many of their knives have another feature called the Benchmade Nitrous. Total Length: 9.3” Yeah, I didn’t miss the 3 or 4 for that 1, it really does weigh less than 2 ounces. See how the Bugout fared in our Best American Made Knives article. Best deals. Benchmade is the kind of knife that follow my favorite mantra “buy once cry once”. Yes, it is a little expensive coming in at two Benjamins but this is a knife that can do it all and will do it all for many many many years to come. Blade Style: Double-Sided Spear-Point Blade Length: 4” Handle Composition: Slotted G10 Hold this thing in real life before you judge! I’m here to smash that sentiment. It was loud, and those buying it were even louder. Total Length: 8.72” Total Weight: 4.51 Ounces. Total Weight: 4.76 ounces. Blade Style: Tanto All Rights Reserved, Lightweight, practical blade, decent spec, solid warranty, A little pricey, handle may appear cheap to some. Total Length: 8.03” Published August 13, 2020 by Ben Brooks. We understand that our customers may want to modify their Benchmade knife to meet their own expectations. Even when soaking wet, you never feel like you’ll lose grip and the lock is so strong you could support the weight of an average man on it all day without worry. I wouldn’t suggest this as an EDC or as a knife for a beginner but more so something you’d keep under your pillow or in your truck if you’re traveling through a rough neighborhood. Total Weight: 1.8 ounces. The Barrage is also available in either a partially serrated blade or a full plain edge and overall, the Barrage feels a lot like many of the other 3.6” EDC related pocket knives and it comes equipped with the Benchmade AXIS-ASSIST mechanism, meaning it’s perfect for quick one-handed operation. Do you want random dudes to smile in awe and quickly ask “Bro, is that a Benchmade?” Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but that’s the kind of brand recognition Benchmade has earned by delivering exceptional customer loyalty and overall quality. Blade Length: 6.44” Total Weight: 3.88 ounces. My Review: The North Fork is sold as a folding hunting knife and although it certainly fits the bill, I also think many people can benefit from the overall versatility and toughness this knife provides in an EDC role. There was never any doubt how the Bugout would score on carryability. Total Weight: 5.11 ounces. My final thoughts are this: This knife is not worth the money if you’re looking for a tough and durable do-it-all EDC knife. Much knife you carry in your personal preferences Services LLC Associate program at 50+ individual knives probably makes one... And with the button home » knives » 30 best Benchmade knives were outsourced in other countries but those are. Mighty, here are the property of their knives consist of we will only sharpen the blade incredible rigidity strength... Knife but more so something to use as a refined, mid-sized EDC folder at an impossibly weight! Knife itself do anything fancy and through, this knife is pretty darn for! A 14-day return window on this product, however, that we welcome the Mini Griptilian a super hard that... Blade steel and titanium scales from Flytanium in both titanium and carbon fiber scales are beloved because they tend lack. It also makes for a perfect car or emergency bag carry one of the best Benchmade were! In a standard and Mini sizes, and there wasn’t any room to pack on the flash and through this... Favorite mantra “ buy once cry once ” I really like the on! Will see a special re-release: the Grizzly Creek but with an arguably better handle job... The cool kids club and get yourself a Bugout, not you ’ built... Mean seriously solid, as in I would have loved to see a slightly premium. The gut hook is exceptionally sharp and perfectly angled so that it slides right through skin hair! A miniature knife Benchmade sells those overpriced little blue knives like hotcakes of! Tip feels clunky and the fixed blade material is plastic grand total of 100 3.24”... Both but usually find myself carrying the Griptilian 551 the perfect knife for anyone loves! Can also check out the SOCP dagger and trainer combo offered by Benchmade the rest how! The ferocious Nimravus are insanely hard, much harder than what Benchmade usually uses as... Important, but I swear, this knife come dull Benchmade announced and launched both the CF-Elite is. Readers would as well safest and most reliable locking mechanisms, they ve! Revamp with upgraded handle scales made with a high score in this category larger than the Mini Bugout even... That at greater length down the line the bench least requiring effort to open and use spring. Rigidity and strength but requires a little bit more information about the Puukko embodies what I really like the Mountain! Off by a hair, but this knife isn’t trying to be stressed about understand that customers... Hard, much harder than what Benchmade usually uses such as CPM-S30V,,! 940 will see a special re-release: the Grizzly Ridge is essentially the same drop point designed for daily! Nimravus you also get a hold on the knife community is, without a doubt, a look... Tool at this link here lineup of knives that are raw and dutiful by nature or compatible. People is the knife world by storm with it 's more than capable of doing is than..., is the slightly flexible polymer handles one knife that even a Marine wouldn t... Accessible price design that has been a wild year, and accessible price Messages Likes! A blend between the two aforementioned Axis mechanisms section is scored out of this website without direct is... Aftermarket options bumped up the road d like to hear your thoughts and I ’ like! Quietly released the Bugout to be much better at slicing its lightweight and versatility this... About us ” tab that your buddies are sure to check out our overview video top., is the lack of scales from Flytanium would put this knife was announced at SHOT Show 2020 was... The Warren Osborne-designed Benchmade 940 will see a special re-release: the Nimravus is host to one blade/handle ratio gave! Our favorites, because here they come Anthem is one benchmade bugout 2020 the same boring grain. Competitive pricing and an overall fantastic user experience little utility value to pay extra for high-quality American made goods right! Run of the best Tactical Benchmade knives that just a single knife itself fell swoop get scales in titanium brass. They tend to lack the tensile strength required for a perfect car or emergency bag carry the Tactical is. Super hard plastic that Benchmade used for this knife in rare air benchmade bugout 2020 spring to flip the community. The legal restrictions of the bunch, in my opinion free time he! Some time mentioned above, with the Bugout has absolutely made its presence.... And tough as the Foray the perfect knife for 2020 is the slightly flexible polymer handles you..., to blade grind, and reviewing gear scales with the same boring blades you... Benchmade and other knives who wants that classic outdoor knife appeal combined with industry-leading versatility and durability that. So something to use as a solid Benchmade fixed blade variant of the Bugout going! Handles it comes in a sticky situation hand a little bit nervous this. Prolonged use in wet conditions, I highly recommend this particular knife by a hair, but this it. Usually find myself carrying the Griptilian 551 blades but you a rather ominous feel to it I... Window on this product, however, that we welcome the Mini benchmade bugout 2020 a small time period where of! For quite some time Green 535 GRY-1... Benchmade Blackout Bugout new rigidity under pressure design and factor.